Christmas message from Felix Gosher

Dear Old Trinitonians
I remember the November of 2000, as the first ever Trinity Matric class tackled their Independent Examination Board final exams. I remember the feeling of that very last ‘hand in’ of my English Comprehension Paper, and knowing that tomorrow was the first day of the rest of my life. Seventeen years later I look back on those days and think of how very lucky I was to attend a school wearing such a unique uniform, with an ethos in education that stood for so much in the real world.

I remember every cricket and rugby practice, the Athletics Meets, and the brotherhoods and sisterhoods forged in school sport, the drama on the stage, the envelopes of knowledge in every class attended, every problem solved through murky view of my immaturity at the time. I marvel at the patience that was had with me, the amount the teachers cared for us, and the opportunities they afforded us to contribute and matter towards the spirit of our future and to our surroundings.

What a privilege we were blessed to have, to be Trinitonians….. never dreamed the old Honeydew caravan park where I used to play growing up, would end up being the school I would attend, the launchpad of where myself and others could shoot to the stars from.

The older I grow I also came to realize that life was never this ideal predictable high performance climb to the realms envisioned. My definition of success has changed a lot over time and yes possibly by the volume of my perceived failures. I think it’s fair to say success is not this tropical island in our mind where we can get to if we are good enough and work hard enough, I think with that motivation, we’d fall into the trap of always wanting more when we finally got there.

Success is evolutionary, and it’s about learning to be happier with less and shifting our focus off ourselves and onto the pressing matters of our community and country. Mahatma Ghandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’…. and how powerful is that?…. that a mere positive attitude to life and to others can shift the energies of the very place we find ourselves all these years later on, inspiring others to make equivalent personal progress, and give as much love back to the world as possible.

That moment we stop counting everything and forget the wrongs done unto us, we disempower our oppressors and those we’ve given the avenue to hurt us through trust and open channel exposure to our lives….. and when we just….. do what we can with what we have…. in Service of Others….. that’s power. That’s making a difference in the world, and that’s Success. The very material of everything great that ever happened, is rooted in Love and Service.

Let’s remember all the blessings everyday, and search for ways to improve the place we live in and the journey of those around us. Let’s lighten loads off people, let’s do the unexpected wonderful things that seem long lost in a world of self…. let’s endeavour toward great character despite our pasts and our flaws. Let’s be the Change God Designed Us To Bring Forth to the World…. in Knowledge and Truth.

Merry Christmas
Felix Gosher

Felix xmas 2017


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